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As included by P.L.220-1993, SEC.5. Sec. 4. It shall be illegal and a violation of this chapter.( a) For any kind of timber buyer to stop working to pay, as concurred, for any type of wood acquired.( b) For any kind of timber purchaser to cut or cause to be cut or ideal any kind of wood not purchased.( c) For a hardwood customer to willfully make any type of false statement about the application, bond or other details called for to be provided to the department or a wood cultivator.( d) To fall short to honestly account to the wood cultivator or the department for timber bought or reduced if the purchaser is under a task to do so, as well as( e) For a wood buyer to devote any kind of illegal act about the purchase or cutting of wood.( Previously: Acts 1972, P.L. 190, SEC.1.) Sec.

The director may decline to release a timber buyer enrollment certification to a candidate that has:-LRB- 1) been convicted of a felony;-LRB- 2) broke an arrangement of this chapter; or( 3) breached a rule embraced by the division under this phase. As added by P.L.220-1993, SEC.6. (Repealed by P.L.220-1993, SEC.10.) Sec. 6. (a) If:-LRB- 1) the division is satisfied that the applicant has met the requirements of this phase for the issuance of a registration certification;-LRB- 2) the bond and sureties or bank certification of down payment submitted by the candidate under section 3 of this phase is accepted; and also( 3) the supervisor does not reject to release the registration certificate to the candidate under area 4.9 of this phase; the department will release a registration certificate to the applicant.( b) The enrollments provided shall be valid for a fiscal year and might be renewed each year.

Sec. 7. The application cost or revival charge for a registration certificate to run as a hardwood purchaser, is one hundred 5 dollars ($ 105). The cost for a certification specifying that a registration certification has actually been released as well as safety filed is twenty bucks ($ 20). All costs gathered by the department build up to making use of the department for its administrative functions.( Previously: Acts 1972, P.L. 190, SEC.1.) As modified by Acts 1981, P.L. 230, SEC.1; P.L.158-1988, SEC.3; P.L.186-2003, SEC.79.

8. The department may inspect the properties used by any type of timber customer in the conduct of his organisation at any kind of reasonable time as well as guides, accounts, documents and documents of every such hardwood purchaser will at all times my review here throughout business hrs be subject to inspection by the department.( Previously: Acts 1972, P.L. 190, SEC.1.) Sec.

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Timber Buyer Auburn Alabama,Sell My Timber Auburn Alabama,
Sell My Timber Auburn Alabama,Forestry Service Auburn Alabama,
Timber Buyer Auburn Alabama,Timber Harvester Auburn Al,
The division might make such guidelines and regulations as may be necessary to bring out the provisions of this phase.( Formerly: Acts 1972, P.L. 190, SEC.1.) Sec. 10. An individual that:-LRB- 1) takes part in business as a hardwood buyer without securing an enrollment or in offense of this chapter; or( 2) refuses to allow evaluation of the individual's properties, publications, accounts, or records as provided in this chapter; dedicates a Class An offense (sell my timber auburn alabama,).

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Sec. 11. No certificate of registration will be issued to any kind of individual who is in default to individuals of the State of Indiana for cash due under this chapter.( Previously: Acts 1972, P.L. 190, SEC.1.) Sec. 12. The department may, after notice and a hearing, withdraw the registration certificate or license of anyone that breaks any one of the arrangements of this chapter.

Sec. 13. timber harvester auburn al,. The department may, by application to any type of circuit court or to a court thereof, get an order limiting anyone that participates in business of hardwood acquiring in this state without a certificate of enrollment (either due to the fact that his certification has been withdrawed or due to the fact that of a failing to get a certificate of registration in the first circumstances) from taking part in such company up until such person adhere to this chapter and also gets and obtains a certificate of registration.

13.5. Along with the various other fines suggested by this phase, the supervisor might, under IC 4-21.5, enforce a civil charge on an individual that breaks this chapter. A civil penalty enforced under this area may not go beyond the adhering Get More Information to restrictions:-LRB- 1) For participating in company as a hardwood purchaser without Full Report protecting a registration certificate under this phase, 10 thousand dollars ($ 10,000).( 2) For acting as the representative of a timber buyer without holding a representative's permit under this phase, ten thousand dollars ($ 10,000).( 3) For various other violations of this phase, one thousand dollars ($ 1,000). As included by P.L.220-1993, SEC (timber harvester auburn al,).8.

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Timber Buyer Auburn Alabama,Forestry Service Auburn Alabama,
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14. All final administrative decisions under this phase shall undergo judicial testimonial under IC 4-21.5 -5.( Formerly: Acts 1972, P.L. 190, SEC.1.) As modified by P.L.7-1987, SEC.133. Sec. 15. (a) An individual that works as the representative of a wood customer need to have an agent's license and also bring the agent's card that validates the license.( b) A representative's permit may be granted only:-LRB- 1) to certified individuals;-LRB- 2) at the written application of the timber purchaser that the representative is to stand for; as well as( 3) under that wood purchaser's registration certification.( c) The application for an agent's certificate should contain the agent's complete name, address, and other details as needed by the division on types provided by the department.

Nevertheless, each hardwood buyer shall mark a certified individual to be licensed as its major representative at no service charge.( e) A representative's license may be revoked by the department under IC 4-21.5 if the representative does not follow this section.( f) A representative might have a license to represent just one (1) lumber customer; however, upon surrendering the agent's card as well as permit under one (1) lumber customer, a person may be certified as an agent of another timber customer.( g) A timber buyer might not be licensed as an agent other than as the primary representative of that timber purchaser.( h) A lumber customer might not impact or try to impact an acquisition except with a representative.( i) A timber buyer may terminate a company connection by alerting in writing the representative and the department. timber harvester auburn al,.

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